I am an artist, illustrator and activist. My work explores the intersection between environmentalism, conservation and social justice by questioning what we value and challenging how contemporary perceptions destroys wildlife while not benefiting people.


Growing up in Hayes, Bromley, on the border of London’s Green Belt, my childhood was spent in the edgelands, neither rural nor urban. This in-between space has given me an appreciation of what nature and wilderness offers through its absence in the city, while also being aware of the pace, need and expanse of concrete. 


The juxtaposition between the green and the grey has shaped my practice. My work currently reflects on how the boundaries that define the edge of the city can inform one another to not only advocate for nature, but also to challenge how perceptions of value destroy the wild while not benefiting the people. Through drawing, installation, workshops, talks and writing I establish an ethnographic approach to my practice. By utilising these various tools in order to understand the subject in as much depth as possible I can assume an informed position in my response that creates conversation through nuance. 


In this manner I toe the line between the academic and the intimate to create work that allows people to follow me into the natural world through conversations rather than didacticism.





"You are here"

katmapped.org Online Exhibiton - 2020


Climate Crisis Exhibition

Gerald Moore Gallery - 2020


Drawing in the Green Belt

Cowcross St, The Gallery - 2019


Four Down

First Floor Space - 2019

Lowland 3

Theater Rampe - 2018


The Icing Room - 2018

Thoughtful Planet 2

Thought Foundation - 2018



Watermans Art Centre - 2018

What Now?

Centre 4 Recent Drawing - 2017


London College of Communication - 2017

RCA Degree Show 

Royal College of Art - 2017

Draw Exhibition

Hockney Gallery - 2017

Rogue Seeds

RCA Students Union - 2017

Common Room 

Hockney Gallery - 2016

Universal Species Suffrage Referendum

University of West England - 2020

Universal Species Suffrage Referendum

Residency 11:11 - 2020


Universal Species Suffrage Referendum

Anti University - 2020

Biodiversity and Climate Change

Gerald Moore Gallery - 2020

Memorial Stones

Crystal Palace Football Academy - 2019


Seedbomb Workshop

Brainchild Festival - 2019

Seedbomb Workshop

First Floor Space - 2019

Save the Abbey!

UCA Farnham - 2018

Research to Ideas

UCA Farnham - 2018



Brainchild Festival - 2018

‘What do you believe in?’ 

Royal College of Art - 2017

Interventionist Spaces for Education

Watermans Art Centre - 2018

How can Art save the Oceans?

UN Climate Change Conference - 2017

Common Comments

River Till - 2017

Incremental Otherness

Holy Trinity Church - 2017

Champagne Hyperrealism 

Senior Common Room - 2017

Explicit Demands

Parliament Square - 2017

Yoghurt Aesthetics

Art Bar - 2016

Beyond the BA

Northampton - 2016


First Floor Space - 2019