While I predominantly draw, I am an environmental artist and therefore installation has allowed me to express ideas in a new fashion. By expressing ideas through physical form, I can confront new audiences with realities that they may not wish to see and challenge people outside of my own idealogical bubble.

Green Belt Properties
Activism seems to dwell on the destruction and loss that is deemed a necessary part of modern life. This installation sought to reveal the love that the individual holds for their local environment, by revealing the fear of losing it through the privatisation and destruction of the land for more luxury homes on the home county borders of London.
Surface is a response to the single use plastic culture that engulfs our economy and ideology that I made in collaboration with Jaione Cerrato and Doonam Lee. Based on statistical evidence, we worked out that the gallery space would contain 1,252 pieces of plastic if found in the ocean. We used the abundance of plastic at uni to make our environment that of the fish in the oceans. This installation then hung over the heads of the audience, engaging them in a world that they would otherwise never experience.
Do Nothing
The current standards that we are forced to adhere to are incompatible with a future that allows life to be equitably enjoyed as we consume and hoard to the detriment of everyone around us. Made in collaboration with Jaione Cerrato, this sign post asks what direction we wish to go in as society. In 'do(ing) nothing' we ask our audience to ignore the contracts and threats of society in order to evaluate what actually matters and create a new world on the values created in the space of nothingness.