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If you are more than 10mins walk away from any 'Site of Importance for Nature Conservation' then, according to the Mayor of London, you are deficient in access to nature. The borough that I grew up in borders onto Kent, the garden of England, and has 52% Green Belt land with multiple country parks. However, this does not mean it has good access to nature. 

Breaking down the access into wards of the twenty two districts of Bromley; one has complete access to nature, two have none and the remaining nineteen have varying amounts of deficiency which is often reduced by the access to neighbouring borough's nature reserves. Using walking as a tool to describe this disparity, I have made a series of walking routes to link all the sites in each ward. The varying lengths of the walks will indicate not only the amount of access, but the difficulties in accessing these space even as the drawings celebrate the nature that is there.

Map of Bromley with walking routes, sincs and areas of deficiency
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